Conception, procurement, realization, consulting

 Our structure offers all the skills of our tradespeople to get quality work at the best price :

Conception :

Technical Study : This is one of the core of our business. We prepare each project carefully in partnership with consulting firms and building on existing standards of the building.

Plans, Notebooks : Our "calepineur" to realize our plans workshops, books and retail debit slips.

Procurement :  

Martek devotes much of his time to visiting factories, quarries and workshops.

Our extensive knowledge of stones allowed us to build strong agreements with the best careers. These quarries are selected for the quality of stones, but also the availability, regularity, homogeneity ...

Realization :

Arises in the state of the art: The companions who work at the sites are mostly Martek our faithful companions for 25 years.

Consulting :

Study records tender, feasibility, assessment of production capacity, variants ....