The granite is a rock hard and grainy nature whatsoever used in sculpture or ornamentation.

This type of non-porous rock (the water does not penetrate) waterproof (water does not cross), and consistent (it does not crumble under the pressure of fingers).

It is a very good building stone, used because of its high wear resistance. Building material, road metal, sculpture, countertop.

Noble material used by the world for the manufacture of tombstones, paving, curb, since the 1980 ornament kitchens and bathrooms, ... ; Uses are many and varied.

It can receive a fine polish, it uses this as marble. 
The large group of granites includes magmatic rocks formed by cooling magma that located in the heart of the crust. The appearance is usually speckled.

Granite also contains metamorphic rocks, formed by deformation under high pressure igneous rocks, for example, during the formation of mountains. One of the characteristics of metamorphic origin of granite is the single set of colors with flamed structures in different colors, so that each tile, each slice is unique.

Granite is known for its excellent technical properties.

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