The sandstone is a coherent and hard rock is a rock composed of grains of sand agglutinated by quartz cement.

The sandstone used in buildings, sculpture, manufacturing natural stones and pavers. This is an excellent building stone not freeze, easy to work and saw. 
It must be chosen carefully, discarding the stones cracked inhomogeneous, containing holes or many inclusions of pebbles.

According to the source rock can be colored in a variety of shades: tan, pink, yellow, orange, brown, gray, white, purple ... and veined or mottled. 
You can find rough sandstone blocks of large dimensions, the best are those whose sandstone grain is finer texture and the closest they have the ability to harden in the air after extraction.

Applications in the building are very numerous, especially for all the stone shaped and sculpted: window sill, door sill, window frame, lintels, acroterium, stair treads, edge wells, stone sinks, gutter, monuments, curb, column, etc..