Slate is a metamorphic rock belonging to the family of shale and is resistant and its color varies from white to black, through all kinds of gray dark reds and greens.

Slate can be straight (rectangular) or shaped shell. It is a silicate rock of sedimentary origin which contains cleavage planes. 
Slate is the material used to cover buildings (known as slate).

Slate is no longer content to cover the roofs, it is used for exterior paving, but also inside work plan kitchen or bathroom, it is however also used for wall coverings.

The lifespan of a slate of 70 years to 300 years. There is virtually no maintenance (defoaming) on them. 
There are many types of slates, depending on the type of clay from which they were formed.

The slates are highly stratified. Because of their natural separation surface, they generally have a rather rough but can also be softened.

Thus, they are ideal for flooring, inside and outside. Slate is however also used for wall coverings.