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Natural stone is a collective name for thousands of types of stone, mined in the world.

The appearance and properties of natural stone are defined as whose natural stone has been formed: by rivers, by volcanoes, the formation of massive ... 
Each stone is unique, as no place in the world is past by the same geological processes or not the same composition.

Therefore, the natural stone of the same type of stone can also present differences appearance and properties of the various stones. 
Commercially, natural stone is divided into several groups: granite, marble, limestone, basalt and slate are the most important.

This subdivision differs from commercial subdivision science. 
In scientific terms, there are three main groups :

  • The magmatic rocks are created by cooling a liquid magma.
  • The sedimentary rocks from the agglomeration of particles detached by decomposition of existing rocks or by the deposit of limestone particles in water.
  • Metamorphic rocks are created by transformation of igneous rocks sedimentary or existing under pressure and / or high temperature.