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Our mission consultant for a very specific case can be realized as follows:

1) Study issues tender and BOQ : 

At the initial stage, we study the feasibility of the project with the stones in the requested file tender. 
We study in particular: 

1-1 deciphering the Christian name and identification of the actual name of careers with their geographical positions. 
1-2 Assessment of production potential, the number of careers, exclusivity or not the product ... 
1-3 Assessment of the industrial near the quarries. 
1-4 study the technical details (if graded) modules such as stones requested thicknesses, finishes ... and the place designated for their implementation. 
1-5 Search technical characteristics. 
1-6 study logistics. 
1-7 economic study. 

2) Education and variants: 

The second stage of our work is to research an alternative. 
This task is designed to facilitate the work and make significant savings. 
MARTEK is a research skill, a definition of materials, synthesis & Coordination between quarries and factories as well as technical assistance. 

2-1 Products: Our extensive knowledge of careers' we can find''equivalent'' that meet the decoration project; '
2-2 Modules: we offer more formats suitable 'for blocks, slices and to have less laying waste; '
2-3 layers and finish: according to the DTU, we suggest cheaper alternatives and well adapted. 

3) Sampling:

Our software allows marble to instantly send high resolution photos, data sheets and multiple information via Web. 
We also ship many samples by DHL or other mail. 

4) Travel:

Much of our time is devoted to multiple trips to places of production, extraction, processing and implementation. 

4-1 in career 
4-2 In Mills 
4-3 On the site and your office 
At 4-4 honorable Architects 

5) Receiving and greeting clients and staff: 

If our proposals attract the attention of you and your clients, we prepare architects, designers, tutors ... to better exercise their choice of stone with as much information on natural materials. We're here real advisers also explain the Difficulty of stonework and to assess the technical characteristics such as veins as aesthetic elements stone and not as faults. 
This relationship should facilitate greatly the relationship at the time of delivery of marbles proposed your customers. 

5-1 In Mills 
5-2 career 

6) Assistance in drafting the contract between the factory and you 

6-1 Contract clauses and technical 
6-2 Disclaimer
6-3 Pannel sample contract 
6-4 Mode of transport 
6-5 development planning
6-6 Terms of payment and credoc 

'Here, the subcontractor and D & TP (S) accept a contract' 
At this stage stop our mission consultant. 

7) Control: 

This is done at the factory by factory. 
It is the responsibility of the subcontractor. 

7-1 Control measures: We can provide monitoring for organizing quality control following BLES terms of the contract (tolerances, compliance details, BOQ's, notebooks ..) 
7-2 tone control: We advise the teams on production lines for monitoring Quality marble copies of the following samples kept by the factory. 
MARTEK may at the request of his agent make checks random samples from 10 to 20% of production (Representative MARTEK on production site). 
For very specific cases, for special work (inlaid columns ...) controls at the request of the representative will be 100%. 
7-3 Quantity control: MARTEK may at the request of his agent to control amounts in boxes before placing in containers. 
7-4 Checking the schedule: We provide delivery tracking, planning and deadlines. 

8) Compensation: 

Negotiable per site. Generally, it is made: 

8-1: Package per mission: to search specific, a special control...
8-2: as percent


We bring all our knowledge, our skills and expertise for the construction was well supplied and that your customers are satisfied with the marbles delivered. 
We have the duty to make significant savings by negotiating the best and the account of his representative prices of stones, marbles and granites. Through constant monitoring, we must unload makers yards of concern for the delivery of stones. 
We are always available.

Some technical documents :