The QAP is the basic document that defines the specific organization established on the site by the company and gives on a client's technical representative (EOM: Prime contractor) or customer (MO: control authority or power purchaser). 

The S.O.P.A.Q. (or QAP) is a document that explains the rules of organization, facilities and controls proposed by the contractor to achieve Contract structure and achieve the quality required by the CCTP or any other document. 

Deepening and adequacy SOPAQ benefits projected to be a criterion for judging bids, this document should provide the master to implement all the elements that will verify that the contractor has addressed the issue of quality on this site. 

The S.O.P.A.Q. is a support for choosing the 'best bid' by the client, a SOPAQ incomplete part of business risk, absence of S.O.P.A.Q. is a ground for removal. 

The S.O.P.A.Q. is a document for signature on contractual market, will be assessed its essentiality and its brevity. 

The Assurance Plan will be developed during the preparation of the market, updated and completed until the end of the market.