Crystallized stone panel

The crystallized stone panel is made by special means under the condition of high temperature, which is similar to the case that granite is formed. However, he chemical and physical benefits that the granite did not, as a greater density, texture, durability against the high pressures and shocks, and even collapsible. All properties illustrates better than natural stone slabs. He did not crack the stones are natural. 

Crystallized stone panel

Beauty, the stone panel crystallized the pattern phantasmagoric crystal grain on its surface, which is very similar to natural granite, and sparkling appearance softlike, while having superior hardness to natural marble. Its decorative effect is almost like genuine jade. 

The crystallized stone panel has no radioactivity, no pollution, pure color, no color variation, and no water absorption. It has however a high resistance against stains, acid, alkali, hardness and resistance to weathering, which is much higher than natural stone. Therefore, a new building material environmentally friendly. 

Characteristics of crystallized stone panel: 

  • The texture is fine and smooth thank you to crystal structure and the structure of glass substrate 
  • Rich color 
  • Strong resistance against alkali, corrosion, heat 
  • Flexible so that the area arc and curves can 
  • No water absorption near zero hydroscopicity Grifity 
  • Dirts removed easily 
  • Unlike natural stone, no radioactivity 
  • Large panel, which is possible up to 3.5 m wide (3500cm)