Marble Al-honeycomb panels: Technology for civil aviation, travel decoration. Aviation, aerospace materials in civil fields.

The panel mainly use high quality 3003H24 alloy aluminum or 5052AH24 high manganese to the substrate, the panel thickness 0.8 ~ 1.5mm fluorocarbon paint roller board or shade tolerant, shade-resistant paint in the scratch resistance, acid rain Corrosion discoloration, self-cleaning nature is stronger than PVDF, bottom thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.0mm, the total thickness of 10 ~ 25mm.
The weight is about 3 to 7 kg/square meter, is the area with the thickness of the wood with the weight of 1 / 5, the glass 1 / 6, aluminum, 1 / 7, plate 1 / 10, greatly reduce the load and cost of construction, due to Interlayer with a lot of air, can sound, insulation, non-combustible material, fire rating as follow, waterproof, moisture, No harmful gases released per unit mass than strength, than the stiffness (rigidity 1.7 times the rib), not easily deformed. 

Description :

Roughness< 0.2mm 
Thermal resistance plate body: 0.026m2. K/w 
Equivalent thermal conductivity: 0.88W/m. K 
Sound insulation: 29dB 
Modulus: 4× 104MN/m2 
Bending tensile strength: ≥ 83MN/m2 
Shear strength: 2MN/m2 
Stiffness: (kN. M2) 1.0~23.0 
Fire rating: 
Building Materials Testing Center 2006-A2-level (GB8624) 
British Standard BS6853 Fire Department orbit 
Ministry of the German standard DIN5510 track 
International Maritime Organization standards IMO A. 653