Old stone finish

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We would be pleased to introduce our products in antique finish.

We have a production unit specializing in antique finish stones from Egypt including our "Marble Ceunie".
This unit, equipped with the latest tools, allows a module producer "Opus Romain." Each slab is placed in a drum (antique finish) and is split in its thickness to give a series calibrated to facilitate installation.

Possibility paving Opus 4 format:

  • 20x20 * 20x40 * 40x40 * 40x60 2cm thick
  • 20x20 * 20x40 * 40x40 * 40x60 cm thickness 1.5
  • 20x20 * 20x40 * 40x40 * 40x60 cm thickness 1.2

Possibility paving Opus 5 format:

  • 20x20 * 20x40 * 30x30 * 30x60 * 40x60 thickness 2 cm.


  • Paving format: 50x50 * 40x60 * 60x60.
  • Poolside or outsole: Large 30 x 50 cm long with a rounded singing along.
  • Internal or external corner of pool: 50 x 50cm with circular cutout 20 x 20 rounded nose.
  • Plinth height 8 cm x 30.5 cm long with antique finish on top singing along.

Our main stone aged or antique brushed finishes:

  • Ceunie marble: Marble beige with gold veins and grain of rice. EXTRA quality.
  • Cassissia coquillĂ©e marble: Marble beige with dark shelly fossils.
  • Cappuccino Brown Marble: Marble with light brown shelly fossils.
  • Gray marble brown Cyrius: Grey marble with dark brown shelly fossils.
  • Pink Magnolia Marble: Marble clear pink flowers with pink veins.
  • Marfil Orient: Marble beige with pink flowery vein.

All these stones were tested in French laboratories.
There are also other types of finishing such as: soft, hammered, sanded, Tooled, polished, flamed ...